Monday, November 7, 2011

Busy fall days..

Happy Halloween!!
It's been busy around here, as you can see by me missing a whole month on any update! Little Cole has turned 5 months old, and is creeping up on number 6. I can't believe he's almost half a year old! He is becoming so fun these days, and his personality is so cute!
Currently he's working on:
Sitting up on his own
Mastering rolling over, he's not a fun of tummy time so this is a slow one.
Babbling away, he talks to himself all day long.
Eating oatmeal, rice doesn't work out so well on the belly. Real food begins soon!
Grabs everything, puts it in his mouth, no matter what, feet included.
He is finally giggling! Funny faces always do the trick. He also likes to "chase" Chloe around the house, cracks him up!
His favorite toy is a plastic ring. Oh how he's easily entertained :)
We are so excited for his first holidays! It will be great to see all our family!

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