Saturday, September 3, 2011

August is over!

Silly sleeper

Baseball boy

Sitting in his bumbo for the first time!

Check out these awesome house shoes :)

Poppy & Cole

Cole & his Great Great Aunt Bobbi

First pair of flip flops

Hanging with Dad

Ready for some football!!

3 months old!

Borrowed some pjs from cousin Iris for a sleepover at Uncle Todd's

Going for a walk in his safari hat

He's the cutest sleeper, ever.

This guy is serious about bath time. He loves it!

I find it silly that I am a little sad that Cole's first summer is ending. I am very excited for next summer though, as he is super pumped about taking baths. Must mean he'll be a water baby! It will be so cute to see him splashing around!
  This little baby of mine is growing so much lately! He's almost four months old. So hard to believe. That also means another round of immunizations are headed his way. Not fun for any of us. I do look forward to see how much he is growing though. Makes me sad and proud at the same time :)
  Here are a few milestones he's made in the last month:
He is sleeping really great these days. Not through the night all the way, but he will go about 4-6 hours in a row, wake once, then sleep til morning. Nothing to complain about there!
He rolled over from his stomach to his back 5 times in a row one day! Not doing it so consistently, but still fun to see him getting stronger!
He had a first real giggle the other day! I was one the phone with Caleb, so he got to hear it as well! Such a great little sound. He still does this funny grunt laugh most of the time, but I'm sure real laughs are sure to come more frequently soon enough.
Other than that he is just being the sweet little baby that he is! I couldn't ask for a better baby, I am so proud of all that he has done already.

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